Viral Giveaway

Viral Giveaway

One of our best services for the authors who want to grow their mailing list!

This service works amazingly with new but also old book releases! The results as you will find out are more than satisfying.

We suggest it If you want to engage your readers, attract new ones, and have an audience anticipating for your next release.

You provide a book.

You can submit every book you want. No matter what this is, but you will be able to provide it when the giveaway ends.

  • Novel

  • Novella

  • Novelete

  • Box Set

  • Preview

  • Exclusive books

We Provide Everything You Will Need

A few days before the giveaway start, you will receive everything you will need to promote the giveaway:

  • The Contest itself
  • Promotional image
  • Email Reminders
  • Script for the mailing list
  • Script for Social Media 
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

Everyone shares the Giveaway

We share the giveaway with our audience and through Facebook ads

You share the contest with your mailing list and your social media followers!

Readers love you for this!

Readers Join us with our mobile responsive contests and love you for the opportunity to read so many novels!

Also they get to choose the authors they want to follow!​

Guaranteed Happily Ever After

As sson as the giveaway ends, you will receive your unique mailing list and the winners' information!

You will also receive some tips on how to welcome them and therefore boost your sales!

So Don't waste your time!

Reserve your slot Today!

Available slots for the upcoming Giveaways!

7 Fantasy Giveaway
8 Paranormal Giveaway
18 SciFi Giveaway
14 Contemporary Giveaway
18 Historical Giveaway
19 Mystery Thriller & Suspense Giveaway

*The above graph is updated on weekly basis. If the slots are filled you will be included in the next giveaway of your genre.

** The slots fill rapidly so don’t miss your chance to run your giveaway today!​

*** For further Questions check out our FAQ​.

**** If you can’t find your genre, submit a request here​.