Book Promotion

Book Promotion

The perfect service for the authors who want to promote their book and attract new readers!

This service works amazingly with new book releases! We suggest it if you wish to get traffic for your book and boost your sales. It is one of the best services, as it helps you attract new readers, increase sales, and rank higher on Amazon's Algorithm.

This service works for older book releases as well, and you will be surprised to see the results are more than satisfying!

Your Book gets featured in front of thousands readers’ eyes who are interested mainly in your genre!

  • ​Contemporary Romance (19.000)

  • Science Fiction (12.000)

  • Paranormal (14.000)

  • Fantasy (11.000)

  • And much more...

More details about book promotion.

We feature only 1 book per NL.


  • ​You know the exact number of unique clicks your book received.

    • You pay for real readers who are interested in your book and not for scammers.

    • You are not paying just for a few tenths of clicks!

  • We will help you gain more followers, adding the following platforms!

    • Your Facebook Page

    • You Amazon Author Profile

    • Your BookBub Profile

So Don't waste your time!

Reserve your spot Today!

* Note that, for the $0.99 Book Promotion Service, the $50 is the deposit to book the promotion. The final balance will be based on the number of unique clicks your book receives. Each click costs $0.20 for a $0.99 Book and $0.20 for a Free Book .

If you receive less than 200 unique clicks, then you will be refunded. (Check the FAQ.)

If your book performs amazingly in our mailing list and receives way more than 1000 clicks, then you will not pay more than $200.

Your goal is to reach as many readers as possible in a fair price! We have seen others who price their services for $60 or more and they provide only a minimum of 100 clicks. This is a total loss for you. This is Why we provide this service based only on the number of clicks!

We are proud for our services and we can prove it!