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Book Promotion FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions $0.99 and Free Book Promotion Services

This service works for old and new releases as well.

This promotion will feature your book in front of hundreds and thousands readers’ eyes!

You will receive some awesome sales but the biggest benefit is that you will receive a tremendous boost on your Amazon Ranking! This will help you in your long term success.

Except for the additional visibility which Amazon will provide  you with, you will also gain followers on

  • Facebook Page
  • Amazon Author Page
  • BookBub Page

This will help you in your long term success, because Amazon and BookBub can provide some extra visibility! We can’t promise any results about this, because it is a side bonus and we don’t track the clicks on these links.

We will launch other service dedicated to these platforms. If you are interested, please Click Here and if there is a need for these type of services we will make sure to launch some of them!

In case your book was scheduled for a specific date and we didn’t promote it because of  our mistake, then you will receive a full refund or we will promote your book another day if it is possible. This has never happened until now and we do our best to ensure it never will. Our team focuses on providing the best services possible without any issues.

If your book wasn’t priced at $0.99 or ($0.00) Free on the requested day, then we will not promote the book and you will not be refunded.

If your book receives less than 250 clicks, then you will receive a refund based on the clicks your book did receive.

Based on the number of Clicks which your book will receive, you will find your total cost.


Click Ranges Total Cost Actions Amount
0 99 = $20.00 You will receive a refund: $30.00
100 199 = $30.00 You will receive a refund: $20.00
200 249 = $40.00 You will receive a refund: $10.00
250 299 = $50.00 You will receive an invoice: $0.00
300 349 = $60.00 You will receive an invoice: $10.00
350 399 = $70.00 You will receive an invoice: $20.00
400 449 = $80.00 You will receive an invoice: $30.00
450 499 = $90.00 You will receive an invoice: $40.00
500 549 = $100.00 You will receive an invoice: $50.00
550 599 = $110.00 You will receive an invoice: $60.00
600 649 = $120.00 You will receive an invoice: $70.00
650 699 = $130.00 You will receive an invoice: $80.00
700 749 = $140.00 You will receive an invoice: $90.00
750 799 = $150.00 You will receive an invoice: $100.00
800 849 = $160.00 You will receive an invoice: $110.00
850 899 = $170.00 You will receive an invoice: $120.00
900 949 = $180.00 You will receive an invoice: $130.00
950 999 = $190.00 You will receive an invoice: $140.00
1000+ or more = $200.00 You will receive an invoice: $150.00

If your book receives less than 250 clicks, then you will be refunded through Paypal based on the table above.

If your book receives more than 299 clicks, then you will be invoiced through Paypal based on the table above.

If your book receives more than 1000 clicks, then you will not pay more than $200 in total. Actually we will be very happy to reach this goal because that means your book is amazing and we provide exceptional services!

You pay based on the number of unique clicks because this means that these refer to the number of readers interested in your book.

We could actually setup a fee at $350 – $500 but this service wouldn’t be valuable enough for you.

You want to pay only for the readers interested in YOUR book and not because we have an enormous mailing list.

Since we are self-published authors, we know how important it is to promote our books only to the readers interested in our genre and not to everyone.

We focus on providing the best services available in the market. This is why we provide this service based on specific CPC.

We receive the $50 payment in advance to cover VA’s and services costs.

If your book receives more than 299 clicks, then you will receive an extra invoice to pay the additional cost.

If your book receives less than 200 clicks, then you will receive a refund on PayPal, based on your click range. (Check the price list below)

It is exactly what you do with Facebook, Amazon or BookBub Ads. You are paying only for the clicks on your book and not just for impressions or our enormous mailing list even if there is no interest in your book!

Actually it is the most fair price!

We have talked with authors who have purchased other promotional services from other promotion companies.

The price varies between $50-$500.

Since we want to know our competition, we have tested their services and they resulted to be very disappointing.

For example:

About a $500 service.

We asked about the number of clicks our book received and they don’t know the answer.

We noticed only 50 sales this day in our dashboard (which was more than the daily average) and when we said that, they informed us that it had performed amazingly!


About a $50 service.

We didn’t notice any sales. We were curious about it so, we asked for the number of clicks on our book.

They informed us that it received 133 clicks.

For the above reasons, we changed our services based on actual clicks and ONLY.

If you were an author with limited budget where would you prefer to invest it?

On services that  are very costly or very cheap, but they don’t provide results or on services with a serious team and structure which will be transparent and will provide outstanding results?


You received this invoice because your book performed very well in our mailing list!

This means that your book received 750 -799 clicks. This number of clicks is priced at $150,00. Since you have already paid the $50.00, you have to pay the additional $100.

You can always multiply your number of unique clicks your book received with the CPC $0.20 and this is the actual cost.

Instead of paying for each click, we made a dedicate cost for each a click range.

If let’s say your book received 583 clicks, you will not pay $116,60 but $110,00 in total, minus the $50 you paid in advance, you will have to pay only $60.00 in total for this awesome promotion.

You are paying ONLY for UNIQUE clicks on your book!

If a reader clicks our unique click multiple times we will consider her/him only as 1 click.

No added cost for you.

We have used multiple services such as Bitly, Booklinker and others.

Many of them were good, but we found one that is even better. Its name is Prettylink.

It is a plugin hosted in our WordPress and we can check the actual number of Clicks (Total and Unique). Also, it provides us with a graph from which we will be able to know at what time your book had the biggest visibility.

We are not able to know the exact sales of your book and we can’t guarantee any result.

We could use our affiliate code to track the exact sales of your book, but this is not possible, especially if your book is Enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

There are promotional companies that offer this kind of service. We have tested them, but the results weren’t even close.

Try them before you check ours, just to have your own personal opinion.

We are not able to provide any guarantees about clicks or sales.

This is why you will receive a refund or an additional invoice with a proof about the clicks your book received.

To receive the maximum ROI of our services, you have to provide us with your best product.

By saying this:

  • Your Cover must be professional and optimised for your genre.
  • Your Title should NOT be keyword stuffed.
  • Your Description must be intriguing and increase the interest of the reader.
  • Your Look Inside Sample must be very intriguing as well.
  • Your Sales Page on Amazon must have some positive reviews.
  • Your Editorial Reviews  must contain some very intriguing reviews. (This works in the majority of books on Amazon)

If you don’t know how, we recommend you to check how the bestseller authors in your genre are doing it.

This does not happen usually, but it is possible for 2 reasons:

  1. We believe your book’s genre will not perform very well.
  2. Your book is not on our reader’s preferences.

Of course you can join if your book is priced at $0.99 or 100% Free.

Check the images below:


$0.99 Book Promotion

The above books are all free if the reader has got Kindle Unlimited but they are priced at $0.99. So if a reader of ours purchases it without kindle unlimited, s/he has to pay $0.99.


These books must be featured on $0.99 Book Promotion Service


Free Books



These books even though ,they are free in kindle unlimited, they are priced at $0.00 (Free). So if a reader purchases one of these books or all the books without the Kindle Unlimited subscription, s/he will not have to pay anything.

These books are eligible for the Free Book Promotion Service.

Of course you can, on the condition that it will be priced at $0.99 or Free the day the promotion takes place.

You will receive an email as a reminder 48 hours before the promotion runs.

If on the promotion day your book is not priced at $0.99 or Free, then the promotion email of your book will not be sent to the readers and you will not be refunded.

Check the refund policy for further details about it.

Giveaways Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Viral Genre Giveaways

Because they are the most enjoyable for the readers, You will receive laser targeted readers, and eventually you will boost your sales!

If you are an author and you have at least one book in your arena, of course you can participate.

We’re open to both indie and traditionally published authors.

Everything that fits in the following genres!

  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Novelete
  • Box Set
  • Preview
  • Exclusive books

If you have any of them you can select your genre and we will make it happen!

Each Giveaway takes place whenever we have gathered twenty authors. Average time of waiting is less than a month.

There are some genres which run almost every month because of huge demand. There are others that run in a slower pace such as Holidays which is seasonal or LGBT or TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations Category.

Everything that fits in the following genres!

  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Novelete
  • Box Set
  • Preview
  • Exclusive books

If you have any of them you can select your genre and we will make it happen!

In our list there are too many genres that have found tremendous success.

We can provide outstanding results, on:

  • Romance, all the sub-categories and mainly on
    • Contemporary,
    • Historical,
    • Fantasy,
    • Paranormal,
    • Science Fiction,
    • Mystery & Suspense,
    • New adult,
    • Young adult,
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy,
  • Teen & Young Adult,
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

No, it is not mandatory. We will create a unique form in our giveaway where the readers will submit their details if they want to.

After that, you will receive their email addresses and you will send them your masterpiece via email or via these services.

Yes, you can include any book you want as soon as it is under the genre you have selected.

Yes, you can, but you will have some diminishing returns as a portion of the readers will have already seen your book and they will not be interested to follow you again.

No, this mailing list is unique for you! This is why the readers will not unsubscribe in the same rate as they are doing in other giveaways!

This setup will grant you with higher open rate & click rate!

At the end of the giveaway you will receive the following:

  • The readers who want to follow you!
  • The winners of the giveaway to send them your free book
  • A Discount coupon code for the next giveaway!

The prize is Novels. This is why our contests have awesome results!

In previous giveaways we have given Kindle Fires, Gift cards and other extravagant prizes.

We noticed that some of the people who joined were scammers. They just wanted the prizes and they had no interest in your novels!

This is why, we changed the system and now we are giving all the books only to 10 winners!

In this way, more readers will likely win and they prefer to participate in the contests!


You can email the actual files to them or you can send them an Instafreebie or a BookFunnel link without optin required (They have already subscribed in your list and it would be annoying to ask them to do it again!

Yes, you can ask for a refund if you have joined a giveaway and we weren’t able to provide you with the service within a three months period, as there might not be too many authors interested in this genre giveaway.

If the giveaway has started or has ended, you will not be able to ask for a refund, as the readers who joined the giveaway will be waiting for your book.