Being an author is an entertaining trip. But being a self-published author is painful and lonely.

You have to outline the plot, write the book, proofread the story, create a fantastic cover, upload your book on online marketplaces, optimize your book for search engines, grow your author platform, etc…

But, why don’t you focus on writing and leave some of the rest on us?

We will provide you ONLY with the services we are proud of!

Your writing time must be paid, and each dollar you invest on your masterpieces must make a positive return on investment.

So, We are Here for You!

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Some years ago, you could easily upload your masterpieces on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iBooks or Google Play and make some sales.

Now, Everything has changed as self-publishing became a trend and more self-published authors appear each month.You can’t rely on any of the previous sites for organic traffic.  Now, except for the author’s hat, you have to wear the marketer’s hat as well!

Some of your responsibilities except for writing?

→ Social Media Marketing

→ Email Marketing

→ Branding

→ Web Developing

→ SEO Optimization

→ etc.

If you know how to do all of the above then you will create a system which will lead you and your family in the financial freedom status!

For all of these, We are here to help you!

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Use your Amazon, Instafreebie or Bookfunnel book and connect with readers who are interested only in your books!

Promote your new and old releases to voracious readers interested in your genre!Boost Your Sales and achieve higher visibility!
Pay only based on performance and not because we have an enormous mailing list!

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